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UV Disinfecting Ultraviolet Light

UV Disinfecting Ultraviolet Light

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Portable Hand-Held Disinfecting UV Light - Folding Household Disinfecting UV Light For Clothes, Furniture, Pet Toys, Baby's Items, Kitchen, Bathrooms, etc. !

Description: High Quality Light Beads. Excellent Quality !  Ultraviolet Disinfecting Light for general Sterilization ! Sterilization efficiency up to 99%, there are regular test report results.    Portable, essential for family travel and easy to use.    Wide irradiation range, high efficiency, no odor, safe, and no pollution.   Rechargeable, no battery replacement required, portable and easy to carry.    Various uses, such as toilet disinfecting, baby underwear disinfecting, etc., can also be used for disinfecting pet supplies !

Specifications: Folding UV Disinfecting Lamp

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

Charging Time: 1 Hour

Product Color: White

Product Size: 1.8" x 1.8" x 16.5"

Package Includes: 1 Lamp - 1 Charging Cord

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