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My Pet Dog Collar - Inflatable Anti-Bite Recovery Neck Protector Surgery Cone

My Pet Dog Collar - Inflatable Anti-Bite Recovery Neck Protector Surgery Cone

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1. Function: The inflatable pet collar is used to prevent animals with wounds from licking and biting those wounds or removing stitches.

2. Washable: Deflate through the air valve, open the zipper, take off the fabric and wash. The outside of the collar is soft and comfortable cotton fabric with Velcro adjustable strap. Collar inside is environmental PVC material.

3. Way to Easy Inflate: Pinch the root of the valve, keep the crevice inside the valve open position,  then blow steady breaths until inflated.

4. Easy to use, portable and convenient for storage.

5. Suitable for pet medical, postoperative protection, beauty pruning.

6. Doesn't interfere with your dog's peripheral vision or their ability to eat and drink.


It is extremely funny to see you pet bouncing off the walls... because they can't judge distance properly with the inflated collar puffing up their head, so it distorts their judgment a wee bit... and they can't get hurt, because they just bounce all around the house, and it becomes a new source of very, very funny entertainment !  Take some movies too !  It will put a smile on your face every time you watch it !   Enjoy !



S: 22x23cm

M: 27x27cm

L: 40x40cm

XL: 44x45cm

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